Monday, February 9, 2015

Sugar and Spice Bag Sew Along

Sugar and Spice Bag front

I recently completed my Sugar and Spice Bag by ChrisW Designs (you can get your own pattern by clicking on the ChrisW Designs link on the right side of my page). I love ChrisW's patterns. They are always very clearly written with lots and lots of photos and this bag was no different. When I saw the sew along mentioned on  ChrisW Designs Pattern Group on FB, I immediately bought the pattern and got ready to go. My January became a bit complicated, so I failed at my intentions to blog as I went along. 

This is a great sized bag (about 14" x 8" x 3") with 4 exterior slips pockets (2 on the front and 2 on the back) and a secure inset zipper on top. I learned a lot about installing piping with this bag since the exterior slip pockets, top edge and all exterior seams are piped (of course, you don't have to add all the piping if you would prefer not to). I think the piping makes it a really stylish and elegant bag. I did mine in vintage cotton fabrics. 

Bag showing front and back exteriors assembled prior to adding the base. You can still see the raw edges at the top and bottom of the bag.

This show the exterior pockets installed, top and side piping.
This show the base installed with the piping around the edge. 

In the lining I used one zipper pocket and 2 sets of slip pockets. 
Inside slip pockets on one side. A zipper pocket and 3 slip pockets are on the other side.
Finished bag from the top showing inset zipper and handles.
This was a really great bag to make and participating in the sew along was a lot of fun. Thanks Christine Welsh for another great pattern. 

Until next time, may you sew with joy, stay healthy and be filled with God's awesome blessings!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

January Bag of the Month - The Companion Carpet Bag

Finished my Companion Carpet Bag designed by Samantha Jane Hussey, which was the January pattern in the Bag of the Month Club 2015. (It is not too late to join the Bag-of-the Month Club for 2015 and you will still get all 6 patterns. Click here for information and to join all the fun!)

This bag is like an old-fashioned carpet bag and can be made in two sizes. I chose the smaller frame and didn't order until the end of December (the Club posts the materials needed at the Beginning of the month before, but I didn't join until the end of December) so my frame came in late and delayed my project until right at the end of January, but that was no problem, we have until July to finish and enter our bags for a chance at some great prizes. I thoroughly enjoyed the lively discussions all month on the Bag of the Month Club FB page and so was ready to jump right in, when my frame arrived.

It was a great bag to sew and was not difficult! The pattern was excellently written with clear diagrams and directions. I have a large collection of vintage fabrics and so chose a wool fabric with an unusual combination of plaids.

Front of Companion Carpet Bag showing front slip pocket that snaps closed with a magnetic snap.

Back of bag

Bottom of bag showing feet

The other side of the bag

I had several first time experiences while doing this first bag made of wool, my first bag using faux leather handles and my first time to use a frame. Because my wool was heavier than typical quilting weight cotton, I chose to use Thermolam rather than Soft and Stable as the main stabilizer. It worked fine, but the bag would have been firmer with the Soft and Stable. My lining was a blend, rather than all cotton and tended to fray a bit. I used Pellon SF 101 and that stabilized it fine. I chose the blend from my stash because it had most of the same colors.

Bag open showing the inside.

The inside of even this smaller sized bag is very roomy because of the way the frame opens. I put a zipper pocket and 3 slip pockets on one side and 2 slip pockets on the opposite side.

One thing that I did not do, was to add tabs on either side of the frame that would make it easier to open and close, but it still opens and closes quite easily. I just think it would have looked a bit more finished with the tabs.

My January was very busy and so I was very remiss blogging. I plan to to better this month. In fact, I also did a great Sew Along of ChrisW Designs Sugar and Spice Bag that I will blog about in the next couple of days. Tomorrow I need to cut out an order for a Necessary Clutch Wallet, my February Bag of the Month pattern and a secret (until it is released) bag that I am pattern testing.

Until next time, may you sew with joy, stay healthy and be filled with God's awesome blessings!