Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Faux Suede Lombard Street Bag

Front of Lombard Street Bag

Just finished and delivered my first work with faux suede, but my 3rd Lombard Street Bag by ChrisW Designs. You can get your pattern by clicking on the link on the right side of this post.

Working with faux suede was interesting and offered a few challenges. I tested it first and found that it tolerated ironing with heat for synthetics, but I also found that it wanted to stretch and fray a bit. So I fused a woven interfacing (Pellon SF 101) to the back of every piece and that solved my strectch and fray issues.  One caution is that it is important to see which way the nap runs on both faux suede (or actual suede) and align everything in the same direction. I marked the top back of each piece with a small T in the seam allowance to help me keep everything properly oriented as I assembled the bag.

I also did a simple outline embroidery on the front slip pocket and the faux suede accepted the embroidery great. I did not hoop the suede, I hooped a medium tearaway stabilizer and then used my Magna Hoop system to hold the fabric in place on top of the stabilizer with magnets that attach to the frame.

I also quilted all the pieces that had soft and stable so that I could just leave the soft and stable out of the seam allowances, but still have it stay securely in place. I also happen to like the look of quilting.

Back of Lombard Street Bag with the iPad/tablet pocket closed
Back of Lombard Street Bag with iPad/tablet pocket open
Top of bag showing inset zipper
The layers of suede get pretty thick, but sewed beautifully by just using a size 16 needle and sewing slowly over the thicker areas. I was even able to topstitch both sides of the zipper around the iPad/tablet pocket. I can't wait to use faux suede again in the near future (I think some fabric I recently picked up from a costume designer friend of my daughter is also a faux suede in a burgundy color).

Just as an aside, I chose this particular suede because the lady the bag is for was at one time a working cowhand, doing all the chores the cowboys did. If you want mor info about the Lombarb Street Bag, see my earlier blogs. I am currently carrying the one I did as part of a sew along earlier this year and love it!

Until next time, may you sew with joy, stay healthy and be filled with God's awesome blessings!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Manhattan Bag - April pattern from Bag of the Month Club 2015

The Manhattan Bag front with flap closed
I recently finished the April Bag of the Month 2015 --the Manhattan Bag by Janelle at Emmaline Bags. You can still join the Bag of the Month Club 2015 here and you will still get all 6 months of patterns. You will immediately get the Jan-April patterns and be ready for May and June as they are released. It is a great deal with fun patterns!

I chose a  quilting cotton that I have had in my stash for years waiting for the perfect project. This pattern comes with two sizes a Miss and a Mamma. I made the Mamma which finishes to 11.5" x 10.5" x 3.5". The Miss is smaller, finishing at 9" x 7.5" x 2".  It also has an adjustable strap so you can wear it cross-body or on the shoulder, whichever you prefer. 

Under the flap on the front of the bag is a roomy slip pocket that would be great for a cell phone. The flap closes with two magnetic snaps.

Manhattan Bag bag back showing exterior zipper pocket
The back of the bag has a handy exterior zipper pocket that would be great for keys and other goodies.

Manhattan Bag flap unzipped showing case for glasses
This pattern is unique in that is has a flap that has a zipper around the edge to allow for extra storage and comes with a small surprise...a pattern for a simple case for your glasses that attaches inside the flap with hook and loop tape. 

Glasses case open
Finally, inside the bag is a nice slip pocket and you could always add an additional slip or a zipper pocket on the other side. Lots of room for personal personalizing for your specific organizational needs.

Manhattan Bag showing inside slip pocket

The pattern is clearly written with lots of excellent diagrams for each step. Check out Janelle's website in the first sentence to see her other fine patterns and  purse making goodies and hardware. She is also the designer of the Necessary Clutch Wallet that I have featured in earlier blogs. 

Until next time, may you sew with joy, stay healthy and be filled with God's awesome blessings!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Hyacinth Bag - February pattern from Bag of the Month Club 2015

Front of Hyacinth Bag with flap closed
I got behind on making my Bag of the Month 2015 bags because I needed to fill some special orders and have just finished the February bag designed by Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness. You can still join the Bag of the Month Club 2015 by clicking here and you get all the bags already released and will be ready for the May and June patterns when they are released.

This is a cross-body bag that finishes 11" x 12" x 2", that is a nice size for everyday. It has a front flap that attaches with a hidden magnetic snap  (although a regular magnetic snap may be used also). Under the flap you may add storage for your phone, credit cards, cash. I chose to just add a slip pocket under the flap because I prefer to carry my wallet. The bag also has an adjustable strap.

I used a quilting weight cotton and quilted it to the soft and stable interfacing for both stability and to add a touch of style.

Front of Hyacinth Bag with flap open showing front slip pocket

Back of Hyacinth Bag showing exterior zipper pocket.

There is also an exterior zipper pocket on the back of the bag, a double slip pocket inside and a top zipper to secure the main section of the bag. An unusual feature is that the flap does not cover the top of the bag, but simply covers the front section that can be customized for special storage. The pattern suggests credit card and cash pockets (the area I simply chose to use a slip pocket).
Hyacinth Bag inside showing slip pockets
This was a fun bag to make. It is not a difficult pattern, but you will need some sewing experience. The pattern has clear photos with step-by-step directions.

Until next time, may you sew with joy, stay healthy and be filled with God's awesome blessings!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Lombard Street Bag by ChrisW Designs

Front of Lombard Street Bag done in quilting weight cotton
I recently was part of a fun sew along on ChrisW Designs FB group to do the Lombard Street Bag (you can get your own pattern by clicking on the ChrisW Designs icon on the right side of my page). In fact, I actually made two of these bags during the sew along, the black one (below) was a special order.

Front of Lombard Street Bag done in wool suiting with an extra small zipper pocket

Back of Lombard Street Bag showing iPad/tablet zipper pocket open

Back of Lombard Street Bag with iPad/Tablet pocket closed

Lombard Street Bag from top showing inside slip pockets and top zipper

Lombard Street Bag in process showing iPad/Tablet pocket attached to the back

Back of Lombard Street Bag showing iPad/Tablet pocket closed

Lombard Strteet Bag from the top showing iPad/Tablet pocket partially open on the back and the secure top zipper closure
For the first bag I used a wonderful Robert Kaufman Screen Print I had in my stash for the exterior. For the black bag, I used a wonderful fine wool suit weight. Both worked great. For the linings, I used cotton and cotton/poly blends. The cotton/poly blends are a bit tricky because they have a tendency to fray.

 This is a perfect sized everyday bag that finishes to 10" x 11.5" x 2". It has a hidden zipper pocket and two large slip pockets (one with an additional phone slip pocket inside) on the front. You will see an additional small zipper pocket on the front of the black bag that was a special request by my client. It also has a padded iPad/Tablet pocket on the back, and 4 slip pockets inside. I love having all the organized spaces.

This is a bit challenging to sew, but as always, ChrisW's directions are excellent. There are over 50 pieces to cut out, so labeling and keeping carefully organized is a must for sanity. I tend to print the pattern pieces and keep the actual instructions open on my laptop because the photos with the directions make everything very clear.

I thoroughly enjoyed the sew along and the wonderful helpfulness of all the participants and leaders. I also have two more special orders for this bag and will begin cutting out all the pieces later today!

Until next time, may you sew with joy, stay healthy and be filled with God's awesome blessings!