Saturday, August 13, 2016

July Blog of the Month Club Bag -- Sadie by Swoon Patterns

Sadie front
I finally got a chance to finish my version of the July Bag of the Month Club pattern -- Sadie by Swoon. I made mine in vintage cotton and faux leather (vinyl). She was not a difficult sew--I did have issues with my machine and the thickness of the faux leather I chose. But I learned a lot!

Sadie finished to about 13" wide x 9" tall x 3-6" deep (there is a zippered gusset on the bottom that allows the bag to expand from 3' deep to 6" deep) as shown in the photos below.

Bottom zippered gusset closed
Bottom zippered gusset open
Front with flap open
 There is a large slip pocket all the way across the back that you can see below.

Back showing large exterior slip pocket
Interior showing large slip pocket
And inside there is another large slip pocket as shown in the photo above. The pattern and directions were clear and easy to follow. Included are tips for choosing and working with the vinyl. There are diagrams with each step. This is not a difficult pattern, but is probably better for intermediate sewers because the vinyl adds some challenges. I love the way she looks when finished.
Sadie front

Until next time, may you sew with joy, stay healthy and be filled with God's awesome blessings!                                                                                                                                          Judith


Kate Carry All Tote by Moments Designs

Recently finished testing the pattern for the Kate - Carry All Tote by Moments Designs. This is a giant tote designed for carrying to the beach, exercise classes, shopping trips, day trips, all the kid's stuff for a picnic or car trip and more!! She finishes to 14" high x 24" wide x 5" deep with and 11" handle drop. The pattern is designed primarily for faux leather and waterproof fabrics but includes directions for cottons and home decorator fabrics also. I live in the desert, so chose to make my version out of a vintage canvas type fabric with a cotton lining. My vintage canvas stripe reminded of beach awnings and umbrellas, so I can travel to the beach mentally.
The pattern can be gotten here.

Kate has some unusual features like only one side seam which means you are working with a big piece of fabric before you do that final side seam. It also has directions for piecing with four different faux leathers or fabrics which gives it a dramatic look. It is designed for the intermediate sewer.

Front showing hidden slip pocket

Inside showing zipper pocket with a hidden slip pocket, key fob, and more slip pockets
This is a well organized large tote as you can see from the interior photo above. I used a bright vintage cotton for my interior. I didn't want the interior to feel left out by bright exterior stripes.

As with all of Liz's Moments Designs pattern, this one is clearly written with lots of tips and illustrations for every step in the process. I always love working with Liz because she is great fun and very competent!! If you need a large tote, this one is great and is a relatively quick sew!

Until next time, may you sew with joy, stay healthy and be filled with God's awesome blessings!                                                                                                                                          Judith

The Geometry Bag by Imazz Patterns

Front featuring a zipper pocket and a flap slip pocket
Just finished testing a fun bag called The Geometry Crossbody Bag from ImazzPatterns. It was initially designed for students carrying supplies to school, but it also makes a great purse and comes in two sizes:
     Large: 13" high x 10" wide x 2.5" deep
     Small: 10.5" high x 7.5" wide x 2.5" deep
This is a practical bag with bold geometric elements for lots of style. The pattern has just been released and you can get yours here.
Front showing flap pocket open

Back showing large exterior slip pocket

Side showing adjustable strap
 The pattern comes with directions for both an adjustable crossbody strap and smaller handles. I chose not to make the smaller  handles.

Top showing secure zipper closure

Roomy inside with a large slip pocket

Front zipper pocket open
 I found this bag to be a fairly quick sew with clear directions and illustrations. I made my test version in the larger size using a vintage cotton floral print and a solid cotton duck with a cotton print lining. It could also be made with a variety of other fabrics.

Until next time, may you sew with joy, stay healthy and be filled with God's awesome blessings!                                                                                                                                          Judith