Monday, October 23, 2017

Amalfi Tote by PfitzSewSwell

Amalfi Tote front 
I was honored to be able to test this debut pattern from Katherine at PfitzSewSwell. I finished early and have been waiting to be able to share this wonderful tote. Katherine has really started her designing career with a winner!! The pattern will be available on October 29, 2017, but it can be preordered for a reduced price. Just click here to get all the information and your own PDF pattern.

The Amalfi Tote is quite large finishing to about 17.5" wide X 14" tall X 6" deep. The top is secured with a zipper so all your treasures are kept safe. It has an exterior front slip pocket (mine is secured with a flip lock). Inside is another nice sized zipper pocket and a divided slip pocket. It has room for books, files folders, your laptop and tablet, and even some clothes. Elegant enough for the office and yet casual enough for everyday, it is very stylish and classic.

I chose to make my test bag in designer leathers in burgundy and black with a sturdy home decorator fabric interior. I found the Amalfi Tote to be both a fun and a fairly quick sew. The pattern has directions for leather as well as faux leather or fabric.  It is a pattern that can be done by all levels of sewers. It is well written and easy to follow with lots of illustrations.

Amalfi back
Amalfi from the top showing the inset zipper closure
Amalfi from the side showing
The Amalfi has a large, sturdy base and meets the sides in an elegant angle that reduces bulk, looks stylish, but doesn't compromise sturdiness. I found it quite easy to do.
Amalfi base
Amalfi interior 

 Interior photo above shows the generous zipper pocket and divided slip pocket.

Amalfi being held to show size
And above is a final photo taken to show the size of this elegant tote. I loved making her in leather and furthering my own sewing skills with leather. All of the hardware used in my tote can be also gotten at PfitzSewSwell.


  1. I have always been curious as to whether straps like that on a big bag held on with just rivets would be strong enough....I can really weigh down my bags I carry. Do you have first hand experience with that type of strap connection...holding up with a heavy bag?

    1. Yep. I use rivets all the time with no issues (and I used lots of bridles and other horse tack with rivets my entire life without any problems). You just have to be sure to use a rivet that just barely pokes through enough to get the cap on and then because it sets firmly. With a rivet press, you can feel it seat. When I still used hand tools and a mallet for setting, practice showed me how many whacks it took to seat. Love my rivet press.

  2. Gorgeous Judith....You did a wonderful job xo